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Net Potential Consulting Ltd was originally formed by two like-minded professionals to offer small and medium business access to the kind of skills, experience and expertise that would otherwise be impossible to attract.

By drawing on these resources business can reach new levels, solve difficult issues, develop new ideas and increase their visibility and customer numbers without the necessity of hiring expensive new staff.

Between them, Ian & Stuart have run and managed successful businesses, controlled mutli-million pound accounts, managed regional, national and international sales campaigns and worked with some of the largest organisations on the planet.


Net Potential; Online marketing help

Stuart Morrison

In 1996 Stuart Morrison started providing marketing advice for one of the UK’s first Internet Service Providers, Netcom-UK and subsequently delivered face-to-face marketing in some of the largest computer retail outlets in the country (including PC World and Staples).

He owned one of the first companies in the UK to offer websites and even marketed his own gift products online.

Stuart increased his portfolio of clients marketing their businesses online and in 2001 he started a comedy tribute act which became an international hit through the power of the Internet.

Stuarts ability to (legally & ethically) design and optimise websites to achieve the No.1 ranking on Google, Yahoo et al led to those that knew him to enlist his services.

In the space of a few months however, his tribute act was in worldwide demand and he was performing and managing his act whilst continuing to run his website marketing business.

His next tribute act, driven by his website optimisation and web design skills quickly became the single biggest comedy tribute act in the UK, regularly receiving over half a million hits per month and generating more bookings than he could handle.

Stuart was one of the first acts in the UK to market using Facebook & MySpace, immediately understanding the power that Social Media and Social Networking could have to promote a brand.

So successful was the website and marketing campaign that he attracted more “fans” than the original acts he emulated!

After nearly 10 years touring the world (laptop on knee), Stuart stopped performing to concentrate on the more serious business of helping small and medium businesses to optimise their websites and achieve greater marketing presence.

His knowledge of the algorithms and the techniques that search engines use to rank websites enables him to achieve maximum optimisation for high first page Google/Yahoo rankings – often achieving the No.1 spot for regular search terms.

Net Potential; Online marketing help

Ian Picken

A vast and varied background of business disciplines gives Ian a highly perceptive insight into sales maximisation, product development, operational efficiency, staff training and management.

Ian has worked with a diverse range of companies including IBM, Intel, The Red Cross, Exodus Travels, The Body Shop, Premier Foods, BT, Lyreco and Ryman. He’s negotiated and secured over £3.5m in contracts, won awards for exceeding sales targets and has helped smaller businesses to increase revenues and profits.

Ian has worked with clients worldwide (Australia, Mexico, Jamaica, Canada & Argentina) providing advice, support and delivering projects in sales, training, finance and marketing.

Having built, managed and trained teams of sales and office staff, he’s also mentored, trained and managed expedition staff in remote locations worldwide.

One of Ian’s most pronounced skills is knowing how to motivate and get the best results out of the people he works with.

At his most adventurous, Ian led expeditions lasting 3+ months through the deserts, mountains and jungles of South America and whilst not donning his wetsuit quite as often as he used to, is still qualified as a PADI Speciality Scuba Instructor and First Aid trainer.

Pedantic about customer service, his experience and dedication coupled with his advanced training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques has given Ian astute understanding of the needs, desire and wants of the customer and how to win, retain and nurture them.

As well as extensive hands on experience, Ian also achieved academic qualifications in Strategic Sales Management and Marketing.

Ian is now dedicated to providing effective advice and consultancy to SMEs with the focus on raising online profiles and converting potential into profit: a sure fire recipe for higher revenue, reduced acquisition costs and ultimately, increased profit.


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Net Potential; Online marketing help

Jay Mannon

Jay is the Team Manager and is project leader on many of the website design projects Net Potential implement. Began working on net based projects for large companies that were looking for local search optimisation. He became proficient not only website project management but also in delivering applications for mobile devices. This led to him managing many mobile application projects on a variety of platforms; Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone, iPad and now OSX. He now oversees our team of 25 web design, SEO specialists, web development coders and mobile application development professionals. Jay is focused on delivering individually tailored solutions precisely targeted and carefully managed to create maximum impact on your target market. His extensive experience in implementing technical marketing strategies at a local, national and international level, make us confident that Net Potential can provide whatever technical skill set you require.