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Focusing on Local Business

Professional website design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are crucial to any company but even more so for marketing small business locally.

It’s often difficult & expensive for local, small businesses to top Google search rankings for generic relevant searches. Corporations with online marketing budgets of millions often dominate but when people use local search keywords they’re usually looking for convenience and avoid using a soulless corporate behemoth.

By optimising your website for local search terms you can top Google rankings much quicker and for a lot less than you think.

Local business wants to find local customers and that’s what we can help you do. With the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques available to us. You then get great local leads, in the area you do business allowing you to reach customers the moment they’re searching for your products. No other marketing that allows you to do that.

Geographic Search

Many people who are serious about making a purchase enter their location to see what is available locally and given the choice, prefer to do busines with a local firm. Even when a geographic search term is not entered, Google often displays results featuring local terms by picking the location of the searcher automatically from their ISP.

Being a local business means you meet the requirements of the person or business searching, giving you an immediate head start on many of your larger competitors. Being local also gives the perception of being easier to deal with (no automatic phone menu systems) and makes sales easier and more profitable with most people willing to pay a small premium for a more personal service.

Why trade locally

Local search is becoming more popular by the day. Customers like local businesses, they will use them if they have the option and the best part is that it is easier and quicker to get yourself a high Google ranking.

By specifically targeting the local community, you will find that there is a whole new world of customers out there that you didn’t even know exist.

Business benefits of social media

Some benefits of targeting local business:

    Businesses and people like to buy from other local businesses and people
    Local customers are more likely to refer you to other local businesses or people
    Many people will pay a premium to do business locally
    People are much more likely to act on a referral for a local company
    Build a sense of community
    Cuts the cost of doing business for you & your customer
    Your company becomes more energy efficient and therefore ‘greener’
    You can react quicker to your customers fiving them a better service
    You are more likely to get paid (and get paid on time) by local customers
    Local search is outpacing standard search in some areas

Remember, you can be found for precisely the areas you want to do business in. Local geographic search can be for your town, district, county or even UK region, matching you to potential customers the instant you are needed.

The next step is to make sure your Google listing stands out and draws attention to your being in the community; It is not always first or second place that gets the click, it’s the listing that appears most relevant and appealing to the searcher. Whilst being highly professional, your website should also reflect your place in the community and appeal to those looking to keep trade in the local area.

You are now well on your way to achieving impressive results in your local market. To kick start your business locally see the our Local Business Website Design packages, our Local Business SEO packages or our Local Business Combo packages featuring website design and SEO.

We Promote Local Business

Being a local business ourselves Net Potential Consulting Ltd share an affinity with those in our community and to promote this, if you are a small business in Surrey or a small business in Hampshire you automatically receive a 10% discount on any SEO and website design prices on this website or any bespoke website design or SEO quotes.

Google Places

Google offers you a great tool to help promote your business but often it is confusing to get your business listed on their Google Places. Even if you are able to submit a listing successfully you can often find it is rejetced with not much of a reason as to why. Avoid this frustration and allow us to list your business on Google Places and ensure it is done right.

For more information on success in your local market simply to pick up the phone:

Call now: 0844 8709597 (lo-call), 01420 474742

Local Business Means More Business

Net Potential; Online marketing help

As business owners we know the value in doing business locally, Godalming, Guildford, Petersfield, Farnham and Bordon being the areas closest to us. This allows us to really know our customers’ needs and their market. Which is why we understand that local search SEO really does work. It’s almost as good as word-of-mouth online.


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