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Win more customers more easily

What would it mean to your business to increase the number of sales you close by 10%, 20%, or even 50%?

And what if, at the same time you increased your margins, sales efficiency and staff moral?

These are not ‘pie in the sky’ possibilities, these are realistic targets that we will help you achieve.

In today’s market it is not the best product or service that wins the business but the salesperson that has the best sales process, techniques and understanding of why customers buy.

Sales as a process

Today’s customers don’t want to be sold to in the traditional sense. They want to buy from someone who understands them and their business and is willing to listen to and work with them.

Any business can be found, with the right marketing strategy but to convert being found into a solid lead you have to meet potential customers expectations.

Ensuring you meet a customer’s specific and individual needs requires a process; a series of steps designed to bring the seller and the buyer to a mutually beneficial (win/win) scenario in which the product is often not of primary importance.

Defining this process requires careful analysis of your business, your staff, your products and your customers and it is surprising what you will learn about each of them.

Once your sales process has been defined, the implemenntation will not only serves to make both the poorest and the best sales performers more successful, it will also improve moral and make the process easier, more efficient and more manageable.

Decades of experience in success

At Net Potential, we know what it takes to be succesful and have decades of quantifiable results to prove it. Our specialities lie in:

Sales and Marketing experience to help you train for success

B2B (Business to business)
B2C (Business to consumer)
Sales management
Account management
Online marketing and Sales
Field Sales

As well as complete a sales makeover we also offer a series of programs that will hone and refine the skills of sales and customer service staff whether on an individual or team basis. We can provide training on a variety of disciplines and specific skills including:

Business Sales and Marketing training for your success

The sales process/sales cycle
Preparation for the sale
Rapport building
Qualification/Needs defining/identifying pain
Presentation skills and Proposal writing
Handling Objections and Closing
Following up on the sale
Telephone techniques for Customer Service Staff

Investing in your sales staff will pay off time and time again, a well focused, organised and motivated sales team will pay back your investment many times over.

What does a new customers cost

Selling to new customers costs 5 times as much as selling to exsisting customers so the key to greter efficiency and profits lies in retaining and in maximise the potential of your current clients. This requires different skills and practices than does winning the sale in the first place but can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

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Having the ability to close more sales and retain more customers is essential for any business’ profits. Net Potential offers you the advantage you need to realise your potentail- take the first step now, pick up the phone and call us for a free consultation.

Marketing Consulting

A great deal of your resources go into attracting and keeping customers but do you know What the most cost effective way to reach a definied audience is?

Online Marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix for all businesses today but it entails far more than simply having a website. Being found by your target market, making your first impression count and (most importantly) ensuring that people stay on your site and make a buying decision is something that few business get right.

Luckily, Net Potential knows how to develop your online marketing campaign to get you found, attract relevant customers to your website and get them to buy from you.

Our Experience Informs Our Advice

Net Potential; Online marketing help

Our experience marketing small and medium sized business in the offline world is what underpins all our work, offline or online. Whether it be new product development, examining your current marketing mix, analysing new markets or deciding the most effective and efficient way to reach a selected audience with your website we are here to help develop your business.


Why Net Potential will bring you sales and marketing success

First and foremost, we are business professionals, people who understand what it takes to develop and implement ideas, turn concepts into actions and to identify, release and maximise the potential in your business. Our team has held management positions in Sales, Marketing, Consultancy, Training, Operations and Product roles enabling us to bring real-world experience to underpin the decade long experience we have in SEO, Web Design and Web Marketing.

Net Potential was formed with one thing in mind; Exceptional Customer Service and Excellence in Sales and Marketing Consultancy. Our team has worked with some of the world’s largest organisations, run businesses,controlled mutli-million pound accounts and handled regional, national and international sales campaigns in a broad range of industries across the globe.

With a strong track record in delivering results our sales and marketing consultancy will proivide you with the very best strategic advice to help grow your business.

We specialise in helping small and medium size enterprises to develop their sales and marketing plans and to seek out and develop new opportunities. Bring sales and mareketing expertise into your business now and realise your true potential.

The first step is simply to pick up the phone

Call now: 0844 8709597 (lo-call), 01420 474742

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