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Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about matching your business with people who want your products and services.

Imagine having a sales person right there every time anyone said they wanted a product that you sell. Search Engine Optimisation is that sales person; listening in 24 hours a day, always ready to sell and out-competing the competition; whatever their size.

However, without a well-defined Search Engine Marketing Strategy you’re unlikely to see any return on your online marketing investment but are likely to waste considerable time, energy and resources.

Net Potential offers effective online marketing with measured, informed SEO leading to business success; driving high levels of relevant traffic from the search engines to your website by optimising your website for the best, most effective (not necessarily most obvious) search terms for your business, industry, services, goods and website niche.

Unlike traditional advertising where once you stop, so do the benefits, SEO and online marketing builds upon itself, effectively establishing your brand; placing it at the very top of the search engines. SEO works for even the smallest business and in today’s online world no one can afford to ignore it.

An overview of the two key elements of SEO strategy is outlined below whilst for more information our SEO Strategy in full explains the detailed process necessary to get your website to Google page one.

SEO strategy is the same for the smallest business and for the biggest, so whether you are a local trader or a multi-national organisation the key processes remain the same. The two key elements of SEO are explained on our SEO Process page with a more detailed breakdown of the steps we take to achieve Google dominance for your website are set out below.

SEO: an ongoing, measured process

Our Website Search Engine Optimisation process begins by looking at your business goals, analysing your current online and offline marketing and the needs of both your business and your customers. Our website marketing report on these findings includes an Internet roadmap that will put you on course for online marketing success.

Throughout our SEO process we continually monitor the success of your campaign, tweaking and adjusting the SEO techniques employed for the greatest effect on your website ranking.

Whilst your business won’t fail to notice the extra leads generated online by our SEO efforts, you can also track your search engine ranking progress with our regular, comprehensive website performance reports. Alternatively, just type your chosen search phrases into Google and watch your website’s journey to the top of the search engines!

Sales and Marketing experience to help you train for success

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On page and off page SEO are the two essential website marketing tactics that work hand in hand to get your website to number one in the search engine rankings.

On page SEO makes sure your website is “fit for purpose” and has all the right elements that Google needs to rank your website well whilst off page SEO is an ongoing process that gets the Internet excited about your website (and therefore your business) and the more widespread your message the more Google promotes your business up the search engine rankings.

On-Page SEO
We ensure you have an SEO friendly website and that your business has a stable, well-structured platform on which to build.

To make sure your website gets to number one faster it must load quickly, perform perfectly on all search engines, be keyword rich, be organised, contain quality and compelling content and have well optimised headings, titles and tags (image descriptions etc).

Whilst intrinsically a one-off process, with the addition of new content, additional pages and changes in marketing goals, certain aspects of on page SEO should be revisited on a regular basis. Not least of these reasons is to keep up with the changes search engines are prone to make to their algorithms – it is complying to these ‘secret’ algorithms that ultimately decide your rankings.

Off-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO is an ongoing process using all the SEO techniques that increase your search engine rankings through external sites. Such Off-page SEO techniques include: generating back links (links into your website from others), social media connections and articles and directory listings amongst others.

This helps the search engines to measure the popularity of your website and thus where it should lie in their rankings. To ensure consistent first page rankings it is important to continue this on an ongoing basis to prevent slipping down the listings and being overtaken by your competition.

A more in depth look at the SEO work we do can be found on our SEO Strategy in full page. We go into more detail about the whole process and the benefits of each step to you and your business through a well optimised website that performs well and is promoted via SEO regularly.

A good SEO strategy will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. It doesn’t matter if you have local business SEO competitors or if are competing on regional, national or international level; your SEO strategy has the same basic structure whatever your market.

SEO strategy is defined over the long term. There is no magic bullet solution and attempts to find a quick way to the top by tricking the search engines invariably leads to your website being de-listed completely.

‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques that cheat the process have spelt disaster for many companies employing them; even a giant like BMW found they were not immune when they were totally de-listed by Google for ‘illegal’ techniques.

A call to Net Potential guarantees your website will be optimised using only ethical ‘white hat’ techniques. At Net Potential Our expertise is built on years of experience and successes in the industry as well as continued research on the latest search engine algorithms, trends and tactics. SEO strategy can be confusing and unskilled use of the overabundance of information available online often does more damage than good.

We focus on success; whether turning the simplest local business website into a top ranking online marketing presence or producing a complex ecommerce solution that generates volume sales, enquiries and leads we work by the mantra that our customers’ success is our success.

Begin your SEO strategy today let you customers find you before they find your competition!

With Net Potential you have a hugely experienced team working on your website whether it is being built, overhauled & updated, maintained or promoted. Not only do they assure consistent top level rankings but they have experts responsible for researching latest search engine trends and online marketing intelligence.

Call us to discuss your requirement on 0844 870 9597

For advanced features and niche marketing see our Local Business Website Design Package

Our Google Beating SEO Process

Net Potential; Online marketing help

Creating a website is half the battle, getting lots of pre-qualified, eager-to-buy visitors is the hardest part. Getting regular numbers of the right type of visitors or “targetted traffic” that wants your goods and services takes dedication and ongoing work. Even then the fight’s not over: converting them to paying customers is the final step and we give you advice on that too.


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