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Social Media Marketing

More people use Facebook than Google, Twitter is a global phenomenon and LinkedIn demands the attention of every networking business person on the planet.

“Social” networking has gone mainstream. Businesses, big and small are using Social Media Marketing and these are the businesses that can see the future and will thrive in it: ignore Social Networking at your peril!

Social Networking solutions

Marketing opportunitis in Social networking abound but how do you use it if you don’t know your tweets from your status updates?

Net Potential’s total solution for SEO and Web Marketing services bridges the divide between traditional and Social Networking marketing. If you are one of the many businesses that feel it is beyond your reach or comprehension, fear not, you are not alone.

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Social Media made easy

Our plain speaking staff de-mistify this cooking pot of opportunity and give your business get a taste of the rewards by identifying the “best fit” solution and creating a flexible marketing plan for your business. We can even give you a custom facebook fanpage and ensure your facebook fan page looks like your website.

The amount of personal information entered on Social Media sites allows highly targeted marketing campaigns whilst the opportunities to get your business recommended, ‘liked’ and passed on from person exponentially is huge. With virtually all your customers using social media as online word-of-mouth, isn’t it time your business does too?

Business benefits of social media
Why social media? Here’s why:

    65m Facebook users access via mobile-based devices: 100% increase in 6 months
    Facebook mobile users are 50% more active than those who use desktop/laptop
    Most Facebook friends amongst the Generation Y are real-life friends too
    More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook.
    Purpose-built Facebook pages have created more than 5.3bn fans
    70% of bloggers are organically talking about brands on their blog
    38% of bloggers post brand or product reviews
    More than 80,000 websites have implemented Facebook Connect since Dec 2008

These facts show how powerful social media, word-of-mouth marketing is, get known online and you can gain tens, hundreds even thousands of extra sales from a few people connecting with their friends and sharing your deal, offer or products. Call now: 0844 8709597 (lo-call), 01420 474742 to find out more We can even customise the look of your Facebook page to match your website ask us today.

Mobile Search

With a computer in everyone’s pocket and smartphone technology keeping us online 24/7, more and more everyday internet searches for products and services are being undertaken on handheld devices.

Researching potential purchases and location based queries whilst on the move is increasing rapidly and with nothing more than a finger-tap away potential customers will be connected to your sales team instantly.

Navigate ahead of the competition

Unfortunately most wesbsites are still not configured or optimised for mobile browsing. Many will not therefore appear in the rankings and if they are visited will be left immediately due to them being unwieldy and unreadable on the small screen. However, for the forward thinking business, this represents an opportunity to move ahead of the competition.

With the mobile search market gaining more and more ground on desktop-based searches (industry experts expect mobile to overtake desktop within 5 years), now is the time to steal a march on your competitors and bag the potential before they do.

Business benefits of social media
Mobile Device facts:

    Mobile Internet music & videos, saw a 20%+ increase in activity 2009-2010
    UK has over 20% more mobile internet users than other European countries
    94% of teen subscribers use mobiles for, internet, multimedia, gaming & downloads
    18 – 30 y.o’s use more mobile internet access than via desktop & laptops

Mobile usage and data usgae is going up, this is a year on year trend and just like website usage it’s set to explode. If you thought that the Internet and websites were a fad and didn’t invest don’t miss out this time. As mobile device become smarter usage will rocket and handheld devices will become the place to be found. Don’t miss this opportunity, get a mobile optimised website today! It’s probably a lot easier and less expensive than you think. Call now: 0844 8709597 (lo-call), 01420 474742 to find out more

Location, Location, Location

Location based searches are also increasing from desktop mobile devices. People like and want local goods and services and many social media and search engines applications promote services based on where the user is or on a location they enter ahead of anything else.

Does your business take advantage of this new way to search? Imagine being able to promote your business to someone who is walking close by, or offer people in the locality a special offer for dropping in to see you. This is not science fiction, it is all possible right now and the early adopters are benefitting already.

Increased visibility locally and further afield

Location-based marketing technology has massive potential for improving small and medium sized business advertising, communication and the ability to stay competitive in their local communities. It also has the ability to attract business from further afield which would remain untapped save for marketing optimised for location and geo-specific searches.

The figures speak for themselves

Forrester Research recently reported that 42% of in-store sales in 2009 were influenced by prior online research. This is expected to grow to 53% by 2014 meaning over half of all retail purchases are researched online before being purchased.

These figures are also indicative of non-retail and business to business sales. Having a visible and professional online presence, means increased sales for your products and services whatever sales channel you use.

Let Net Potential develop your online marketing business plan and convert your potential into profit

Start reaching new customers now, call for a free consultation

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Social Media & Mobile Web Are HERE!

Net Potential; Online marketing help

Did you watch as other businesses got a website and started email newsletters? Well Social Media and mobile Internet is happening NOW, be a part of this massive trend. More people use mobile broadband than on desktops or laptops and are more engaged and active. Is your website mobile optimised? If not it can be done quite quickly depending on the size obviously, but call us and ask the question!


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