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Custom facebook fanpage to grow your business

Grow your business with a custom Facebook page

Custom Facebook pages are becoming as important to business as websites. To local traders and small businesses even more so.

A custom Facebook page provides a way to interact and engage with your customers as well as spreading your message quickly and efficiently. It is effective in getting your current customers to recommend you and it allows you to interact and engage, growing and strengthening your relationships.

Up to now it has been all about Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), about getting your website to the top of search engine rankings and whilst this is still essential, with the advent of custom pages, Facebook is in the process of beating Google at its own game.

Your business needs a custom Facebook fanpage like it needs a website, even a small local business can benefit from a Facebook custom page.

More and more people use Facebook (550 million and rising), over half log on every single day and many setting it as their homepage and using it to replace Google for web searches.

So Is social media about to make your website redundant?”, perhaps not yet but increasingly Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn are all become important to both businesses and customers alike.

In many ways, Google has boosted its fiercest competitor by giving extra weight to social media and the prominence of the mentions your business receives in it Social media cannot be ignored and all major brands have taken advantage of the ability to customise their Facebook fanpages to match their website or corporate image.

Once the preserve of large brands and global businesses, Net Potential is able to give your business the advantage of a professional customised Facebook page that will improve your image and sales opportunities for a single low price.

From just £199.00 can your business afford to be without a custom Facebook page befitting your own image?

Just some of the marketing & sales tools available on a custom Facebook page from Net Potential:

Multiple pages
Email forms
Links to your website
Phone numbers
Surveys and questionnaires
Quizzes and ‘fun’ interactive content
If you can put it on your website we can put it on Facebook!

Our prices for custom Facebook pages start at just £199.00 and can include email forms, phone numbers and even quizzes and questionnaires. Basically if you can put it on your website we can put it on Facebook.

Business benefits of owning a website

Benefits to custom Facebook Fanpages:

Be found AND recognised on Facebook and its searches
Interact with your followers, their friends and families
Beat your competition to this opportunity and gain market share
Build your popularity and boost enquiries
Have your customers spread your message for you
Management your reputation: Create good and control bad press

By having a custom Facebook fanpage you get to control your business reputation in the Social Media sphere. If you are not part of the conversation you can’t protect your business. A custom Facebook fanpage allows you to contribute and be seen as an company thatcares about their customers. It’s a new marketplace and you need to be where your customers are gathering!

You can manage your interaction on your ‘Facebook Wall’. This is like a notice board where you and your fans can post messages (moderated by yourself), information, discussions and offers that will appear in the newsfeed of anyone who ‘likes’ your Facebook page.

Facebook users have an average of 130 friends. One of the greatest benefits of a Facebook presence is that your message and newsfeeds will also appear (like a recommendation) on the wall of the friends of every fan of your Facebook page.

Without a doubt, social media is the new word of mouth with every new person ‘liking’ your page automatically letting all their friends know they like your business!

Call us now, Net Potential can get your custom Facebook page online within 24 hours of the design and content being approved.

For more information on Google’s recent algorithm change and the effect it has had on websites read The Guardian report on Google’s latest algorithm release, Panda here

See our Custom Facebook page to see what we did for ourselves!

If you are looking for the complete package to go with your Custom Twitter profile design then take a look at our Custom Twitter designs page

Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about getting your website to the top of the search engine rankings but Facebook has overtaken the giant of search Google and with the advent of custom Facebook pages the fight just got interesting. Read on why your business needs a custom Facebook fanpage, and the advantages of having your Facebook page look like your website. As we asked in a recent blog post; Is social media about to make your website redundant?”

Custom Facebook Fanpages

Net Potential; Online marketing help

Don’t wait and be left out, websites became absolutely necessary to build your business and custom facebook pages will soon be seen as a normal part of every business. Don’t miss out, there’s a great opportunity to beat your competition and build a better business! The business of the future will be using social media everyday, is yours prepared today?


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