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Website design process for small business

What Makes Net Potential Different?

We listen! Before we begin your website design or marketing we take time to understand YOU & YOUR BUSINESS!!! We look at your business from your point of view as well as that of your customers. We are here to facilitate putting your ideas and visions onto centre stage. And we like to use the phone, Shock! Horror!! Yes…


Of course, our expert designers can offer as much or as little input as you request, but we never forget who we are working for and what goals we are working towards.

Let’s Talk Business Not Jargon

Like most, we can talk to you all day about XML, html, MySQL and PHP, but we think that like us you prefer to talk about what your website will do for your customers (improve their buying experience) and your business (improve your revenues).
Why not leave what goes on under the bonnet to our techies (and yours if they so wish)?

Integrating SEO in your website design

Your website design will be underpinned by the latest technology, techniques and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies ensuring smooth, fast loading operation across major web browsers. Additionally, we integrate (ethical, ‘white hat’) SEO techniques into your website design to ensure your website is fully search engine friendly. Integrating SEO into your website design allows it to be found and to rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing (with high Google rankings the most important).

Whilst we lay the SEO framework, to ensure highest Google rankings SEO services, power the ascent of the search engine rankings to give your website greater visibility. Greater visibility of your website to your target audience equals increased lead generation and revenue opportunities for your business.

Web Designed for your Customers

In a very recent study by 1&1 Internet Forty-percent of Small to Medium-Sized Businesses don’t have any online business. Furthermore they found that over half of those businesses haven’t even thought about costing an online ecommerce presence. Worse than that 47% of all small business websites have no or basic levels of optimisation and according to the UK Government’s own figures as many as 1.5 million businesses in the UK alone do not have any website at all. In July 2010 Thompson Local commissioned an audit of small business websites (The state of British Websites 2010) they found that:

Over 70% of companies with less than 50 employees have no or very basic levels of SEO

12% of all business websites are not indexed in any search engine

It doesn’t have to be this way; we will provide your business with systems and processes to simplify and increase the return on your online marketing investment and bring your business into the 21st century.

Our Mission; Simplify Your Online Marketing

Net Potential; Online marketing help
 Frankly we’re not surprised at these statistics, many of the business owners we speak to tell us it’s all too confusing. HTML, PHP, POP3, Web hosting this, server configuration that, frankly it’s a wonder that anyone other than web design companies have websites. No wonder many business owners are less than convinced about the benefits of having a website, or more importantly have an effective website.  

21st Century Business Marketing

Long gone are the days where you could have 3 or 4 pages of generic info, a telephone number and a Yahoo/AOL/Hotmail email address. A smart, effective website is now just as important as having a telephone or a mobile phone, in fact in some ways it is more important as it is the marketing tool that never rests, the unpaid salesman who can account for a large part of your profits, if you make the right investment.

Oliver Mauss, CEO of 1&1 Internet said; “(Small businesses) overestimate the necessary business investments for being online and underestimate how simple and affordable it is to source a Web site.”

Speak to us, we’ll listen to your problems, research the issues and present you with a cost effective well designed solution to fit your budget. Call us today and find out how to unleash the potential of your business online.

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