Website Quality Assurance

Website SEO process and methods

Website SEO process and methods

Website / Web Based Application Quality Assurance Testing

Net Potential specilise in local website design and seo and take the delivery of business strength web solutions very seriously. Our specialist SEO processes from first contact through to ongoing marketing, support and development are designed with your local, regional, national or global business in mind.

As SEO and Website design specilists we take a comprehensive brief and during that fact find we identify your business requirements and recommend the best soutions for the online marketing budget allocated. We then do market research, identify the exact keywords that will produce the best and fastest return on your investment.

We then build, test and launch your web presence on our servers and once your website is launched we implement our ongoing marketing campaigns at a level to be dictated by your monthly budgets.

We also specilise in SEO and design on your current website. When engaged we do an audit looking at all aspects; technical, code and copy. We then upgrade all aspects either intially or on an ongoing month-on-month basis and then implement any ongoing monthly Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing. Whatever we way we proceed it will be informed by our reaserch and experience and steered by your exacting business requirements.

Our process provides effective;

Project Management Schedules

Technical Quality Assurance

Measured Deliverable Statistics

Our exhaustive web design and web marketing methodology ensures thorough and effective QA Testing of your website and applications.

QA Approach & Methodology

The following process is how we approach our web design, seo, and online marketing and maintain the highest standards to ensure you get a well deisgned, fully featured and well optimised website that performs well in the serach engine rankings. We ensure the following standards are kept;

Data Integrity Testing

Where requested and required we provide you with data backup and restoration, thus giving you peace of mind for your online presence. Our Data Integrity Testing ensures that all your important online business information is stored in a secure manner. Being that data loss has the potential to prove catastrophic to a business it is important to have the very best Data Integrity.

Functionality Testing & Debugging

Whether building you a new website or auditing your current website we will assess it against the latest web standards and look at code integrity and browser compatibility. Many site fail to ranki highly due to badly written, poorly executed code and it is this foundation that everything we do is built on. We ensure you have a bug free, fast loading website that looks appealing and is easy navigable for your visitors. The content is optimised against our keyword research and then we assure that your copy is as sales focused as it can be to ensure the best conversion rate and the lowest bounce rate.

Ongoing Performance Testing

Every month you get a report on how your website is progressing online. We look at changes made against rankings and issue a report to you in PDF format for discussion, Then we can give you an hour of consultancy (more if required) to discuss any changes or ammendments to the marketing plan and to fine tune any aspect of our work.

Compatibility Testing

We ensure that your website works on all the current most popular web browsers that are out of beta testing. We can even provide a mobile website solution if needed (and more and more visitors are using their smartphones and handheld devices to access the web) sp that your website can be reached by the billions of smartphone users. We also check local search rankings to see how your website compares to your competitors and either adivse on how to beat them or how to maintain any advantages found.

Usability Testing

We evaluate your website’s ease of use and the end-user friendliness of the user interface to enable the biggest response rate to your calls to action. This helps you drive as much traffic as possible through your website that will result in a visitor responding to your sales message, we ensure that each element is placed in the most effective position on each page and that each element works as desired, we check;

Form Authentication and Required Fields

Text Boxes, Radio Buttons, Drop Down Lists

All Screen Validation Conditions

Navigation Elements and Roll-overs

All Usability Conditions

SEO Process and Integration

We ONLY ever use the very best and most current White Hat marketing techniques. Beware cheap, low price SEO packages, these can seriously impact on the visibility of a website and can even see it excluded from the search engine results altogether. Our processes and ongoing quality assurance measurement of those techniques give you real pece of mind.

Ensuring Quality

If you are considering putting your online marketing into the hands of an SEO, Web Design and Hosting company then do make sure they have processes in place that ensure only the very best work ends up being shown to your customers, your business future depends on the quality of their online experience so ensure you choose Net Potential.

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